when i was in the retard home in nashville, i remember being taken away for the weekend by this one masculivoid. well, you should have seen the mess of his apartment, "cleanliness is next to godliness" rung true, but let me tell you what he said to me.

see, he had a roommate. a really, really slow roommate, he was not retarded as much as he was just really really stupid. anyway, we were talking about the masculivoid that picked me up, he said they've been living together so long that they felt like brothers. and he was extremely proud of that feeling, "if i come out of my room and catch him going back to his room from the shower with nothing on, i don't get a hard-on! i can look at his dick and balls without getting a hard-on!"

must be nice, to finally feel you're just one of the guys. you're so proud of it, imagine how you'd feel if you were justified male and/or equal around all the guys?

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