i just was flipping through channels on my compu-vision tv setup while my mp3s were playing (had to mute the tv sound), and i saw the hottest video i've seen in my life!!!!!! dabba dabba, i wish the cocks and asses weren't all blurred out on these guys as they ran through the streets and everywhere else in front of a camera! gave me such a thrill to almost see mens' full frontals right there on mtv!!!!! ooh, goodie-goodie!

everybody's getting naked for the camera, to be seen by everyone and enjoyed by everone voided. from alanis to these nimrods. yeah, i like seeing naked men too, but then again i am not the most mature person in the world. hint, hint. excitement in response to all peoples' nakedness is but a delusion of grandeur adults oughtta have outgrown before they started calling themselves 'mature'. they oughtta at least have outgrown the pleasure principle enough not to watch organized nudity, mouth gaping and masturbating. same goes about porno movies.

well, being a homosexual predator is all i know how to do, it's all i've been doing since a few years after graduating high school. that's my excuse, oh i have a head-injury too. heh, what's yours?!

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