today, oprah asked, "why he doesn't feel like fucking tonight, why she doesn't feel like fucking as much". i asked,"why are you such a prisoner to sexual gratification if the 'overwhelming' esteem you have is enough to satisfy your whole being?"

i think oprah must be queer or otherwise sexually addicted. really...we as adults should stop concentrating on freeing our minds to accept sexual potpourri and start freeing our selves from being bound by it. i know sex is hard to give up, we all need our lives justified. likewise: i know the gym is hard to give up, we all need to look sexy at the beach. i know "making love" is hard to give up, it's such a thrill to get someone down from a pedestal and into our own beds where they're solely our property. but really, real mens' self-love has nothing to do with being "better" than others or even better than the way he was yesterday.

"humans are animals," say gays from maine to arizona in an effort to legitimize their overactive sex lives. fine, but animals can't communicate as humans do. they can't learn as humans do. they can't live as humans do. so, in actuality, gays who liken themselves to animals are really likening their own lives to those of incompetency. i guess the words, "i was born gay," fit to a t.

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