i was just watching a streaming gay porn video, watching three guys giving each other blowjobs, and i was taken enough with what i was seeing to close netscape and start writing this page.

two of the guys were making out while the third was sucking them off, and the one guy stopped making out to look down at his blower. he was looking for a few seconds, then the second guy puts his tongue out to beckon the first guy back to their kiss as he puts his arms around him. picture that. whew, talk about leechhood.

then there's the third guy, attaching himself to either of the other guys' cocks with neither the will to let go nor the ability. "i'm melllllllllting," sounds in the back of his mind if he would have to stop before bringing his master to climax.

"you can't go yet, let me see you cum," said numerous "men" to me either in their bedrooms or in a video booth. i'm always asking "men" if i can see their hairy armpits, in either case it is not a matter of genetics but a matter of simply being out of touch. with your own masculine self, with masculinity in general, with reality.

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