"if you're in the closet then you're living in denial," is what people are led to believe, "if you're in the closet then you don't love yourself," and "if you're in the closet then you are afraid of who you are". i guess, then, the majority of heterosexuals really loathe themselves, for straights don't put mention of their sexuality on their car's bumpers or on their attire. straights don't all flock to pride parades and chant aloud for some jagged little sense of legitimacy. though, "we're fate, we're straight, get used to it" would be apt.

the fact that gay men want something else to get them through their semi-charmed kind of masculine existence does justify a lack of self-respect, that in itself gives homosexuality a bad name, and this is why homosexuals are more redundant than t3 servers when it comes to advocating for self-love. paranoia. can't have people thinking you don't love yourselves, even though you profess not to care what anybody else thinks.

ha, how about the complexes who change their name to gay?! real pride need not be justified.

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