i was just on gay o l, for a second to see if i had any mail from my dad, and i saw a link for lake placcid. i saw commercials for it, and so i clicked the link. i read a little and clicked a little more, and all of a sudden i read the words: "lake placcid: will you see it?".

"goodbye," the gay o l fag said. it's like they're catering to all the little teenybopping bois and grrls who get their justification and sense of well-being from their abilities to be "keeping up with the joneses". i remember being in the m4m chat rooms, it was like i remember 10th grade homeroom: "did you see tom cruise's new movie, are you cool, did you see, did you follow, did you obey????

no, i don't like watching movies because when you watch a movie you're a zombie. i don't like watching movies because i like reality too much to want to escape from it. i don't like movies because the studios know they've got a captive audience...and therefore they can preach, taint, even ridicule the real world til their hearts' content. and if i had friends i wouldn't like watching movies because i'd rather be focused on them.

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