sexual predators

when i was at the psyche ward, because of all my horny/sexually explicit behaviors my doc called my a sexual predator. he was going to send me to a place in new orleans to help me snap out of it. if being a sexual predator is grounds for psychological help then what about the "men" in gay o l m4m chat rooms? they are there 24/7, scanning all the profiles and maybe doing their best to manipulate a guy to visit them for sex sex sex. if they were all patients of the doctor i had, mardi gras would fall to second place as louisiana's big money-maker. holy toledo, especially the over 40 crowd, these people are sexual predators in the simplest definition of the term.

anybody who feels that they need and that they can't do without another person at their disposal are flat out leeches. suffering from delusions of competence. holy shit, put your thumbs back in your mouths.

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