thanks to queers everywhere, "pride" has a spiteful undertone to it. before limited pansies stepped into the spotlight, pride was a soft, quiet, humble word. now it's loud, haughty, and angry. i guess it suits q, for their "pride" is a sin. it's unhealthy to be proud, also kind of blind, it's noble to be humble. that's something gays will never be, not as long as they're marching and waving rainbows and manipulating kids' minds with their venomous, thrillseeking values.

i guess their angry "pride" is overcompensation, they know their lifestyle is "ordinary, unimportant and undeserving of such attention" when compared with heterosexuality. heterosexuality is known for giving life, while homosexuality is known for ending it in misery. their hateful term for heterosexuals is, the best they can do, "breeders". their "breeders" are, in effect, mature people whose lives are not lead for thrills and whose use for sex is productive. so, in effect, they're "bashing" not heteros. but responsibility.

ejaculate, giggle, clap
such is your life

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