i was watching a movie that was a true story today. a guy got 99 years just for raping 7 or 8 women. 99 years. yeah, that's crybabies' ultimate revenge for ya, that'll learn us not to mess with the runts of the litter. it's kind of pathetic, to think of our juries and court system as spiteful, as vengeous, but that's what they are. it's like they can't take men having indisputable power over women, they'll do all they can to render men powerless. 99 years, judge judy didn't care about helping him, feminists just want him locked up and never to walk the streets again.

women are runts and they need big brother to save them. if i were raped, i would just accept it, whether my rapist was good-looking or not, i wouldn't crybaby to anybody. why should i, i'm no stranger to sex, i'd only be suffering if he was huge. really, women blow rape way out of proportion. it's not like any of 'em are "saving themselves". "hellllllllp, violaaaation!"

then again, this guy may have been a repeat offender. if the state did provide psychological help to him, if he was "beyond help" (like the bastard of nashville told me i was) then a 99 year sentence may have been the only way out. but it's still ringing "spite" in my ears.

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