random notes

"you can't sing the song if you don't know the words"
"you can't preach the word if you're divorced, gay, female, transsexual or transgendered"

regarding anti-christ superstars:

just because gay or feminist or other derelict pop icons don't advertise being anti-christ,
doesn't mean the ones who do are anything different
anti-christ is anti-love, faggots should stop ordering folks to "love unconditionally" if they're
in the record stores buying or otherwise supporting a cd entitled anti-christ superstar
androgyny is of the anti-christ, as exemplified by the 'man boobs,' but until one artist changed
his name to his symbol of androgyny some of his works were undeniably christian. then
again, deceit is all a part of satan's plan for god's people to fall from confusion

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