"cuz i believe in god..."

as i was watching the fat black talk show host interview either ricky martin or that on the 6th latin chick, the words "cuz i believe in god" were spoken and rang in my ears for a minute or two. do you know what? satan believes in god.

the antichrist are not mean-spirited people, they're nobody to run for your life from, in fact they wanna help you make your life better and more enjoyable. and more fun!!!!! whoopie!!!!!!

their mission is not to prevent life, but to prevent growth or the ability to realize that "me" is not the only thing that matters. their mission is not to inhibit life, but to inhibit self-contentment or the ability to turn a semi-charmed kind of life into an enjoyable kind without relying on outside forces, be them other people or goo-goo thrills. in a word, their mission is to sweet-talk the grown-ups into remaining adolescentile for the rest of their lives. btw, bryan adams has a cd called 18 til i die.

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