sex education textbooks oughtta be called, dr. q's guide to safe thrillseeking. that's what said "teachers" are teaching, the art of safe thrillseeking, it's all a matter of q. how to have meaningless sex relentlessly or i may be uncultured and blind, but i'm not stupid enough to die from it would be better titles, also.

heterosexuality oughtta be taught, the birds and the bees, but teaching little boys and girls about homosexuality is ridiculous. teaching kids to follow their lust does not promote maturity. no wonder suicide is up, it is a down feeling not to be all the man you need. all the woman you need. "i'm every woman, it's all in me," is that a straight woman riciduling dykes? sure sounds like it.

let's get one thing straight, no pun intended, being true to your self includes being true to your own state of gender and is strictly heterosexual in nature. being true to your id includes being true to your lusts and your desire for instant gratification...and is ridiculous in nature. being true to one's id can also include a plethora of illegalities, which "self-love" do you think teachers should teach?

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