heck, i was so confused. after going my whole life hearing god referred to as a "he," lousy states of minority are referring to god as a "she". funny, this happens at the same time we're all morphing his word to cater to the selfish institution of 'me me me'. it's funny because as god's integrity is being compromised in the name of apathy, as the institution of 'god' becomes weaker and weaker...he's becoming a female! haha. really, god is not human and therefore has no sex. duh.

some angry whorebags are trying to turn jesus christ himself into a woman! they're so blinded by their own pride, one specific supporter of "jesusa christ" claims to be an authority on everything biblical...but i am sure she will burn in hell when her pathetic existence comes to an end.

one is a true follower of christ when one renounces everything to do with the pursuit of self-gratification, but read what she's written, read what all gay "christians" are writing, read how they're tainting the bible with their own selfish viewpoints. with their lives led for leeching off other people.

cain was gay, as abel was straight.

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