god is a male-chauvanist pig
godess is a reality-morphing facade

god created the gender-roles. god created the two sexes, and the male species time after time justifies itself as superior. in strength, in vitality, if you beg to differ then why don't you tell me just why are there lesser requirements for womens' acceptence into the armed forces? why don't you tell me just why there is womens' baseball, womens' basketball, a whole plethora of womens' teams in colleges...but no womens' football anywhere? not soccer, football.

come to think of it, i think women nowadays are a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics...more than i am, even. it's kind of exemplified in a commercial for some womens' soap i saw. this female comes into her undecorated and bland apartment after a grueling run, sweat dripping down her face, acting all macho with an aggressive and worn-out expression...then she hops in the shower with the soap and starts smiling...awakening. her apartment becomes decorated with everything from flowers to pretty wallpaper. beautiful music plays. she comes out of the bathroom and is finally at home. at peace.

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