well, i went home for my birthday. hello, mr. man. anyway (sorry, i have a habit of typing lyrics as they're sung on my stereo), my sis came home like the day after her birthday (we were born almost exactly a year apart, we were closer than a brother and sister should be, justify my libido), and she tells my dad that she "got plastered last night". she was proud of how wild she was, how outgoing and such. i thought to myself, "too bad you need alcohol to set your soul free, eh?".

it's like, reality check, if you're too reserved to be unabashedly (sorry, an am reference) making a fool of yourself in front of your peers...then change! if you long to have others laugh at poor poor pitiful you, it's kind of fake to rely on intoxication to do it for you, lose the face you feel you must uphold to protect your "good name" and (in the words of digital underground) doowutchalike. you're among friends, eh? do what ya like. or does the fact that you're drunk give you permission to doowutchalike?

i always drank vodka when i could when i was in 10th grade with all the "band fags". i felt accepted, everyone was laughing and paying me attention. heck, when you're fifteen you rely on acceptence...at twenty-six you you you oughta have accepted yourself. and have stopped leeching.

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