i know i said this before, but i was just in a m4m room for the first time in a while and i have to vent. it's like i could just picture these losers all alone at home or otherwise into themselves, glued to their computers and having a cyber-type tea party with the rest of the girls. i'm sure one guy felt the same as i did, for out of nowhere he pops up on the screen saying, "you guys are like a bunch of women" in response to all their gossip and chatter.

it's like, get a life, don't you have anything better to do with your time than to shop for a blessed sexual encounter or chat with all the "friends" online that you've never met? it's a good thing these nimrods have jobs, can you imagine how unhappy they'd be if they had to rely on their own mentalities to occupy themselves from 9 to 5?

it's no wonder they're lonely for a member of their own gender, there is definitely an absence of ability in their souls.

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