"why don't you unabashedly sob all your tears out?"

sorry, i don't think i'm focused enough on 'me me me' to do anything but stand speechless and motionless if someone i'm close to dies or if a part of me dies in some other way. society tells me it's harmful to keep things all bottled up inside, but i don't think i'm pathetic enough an exhibitionist to have anything to let out.

when my best friend for 13 years died, i remember lying next to him and holding him, thinking i was supposed to cry. thinking i was not as good a friend as i thought i was if i didn't cry. my heart was broken, but if i were to have cried in the vet's office then i'd just have been wallowing in my own misery..."poor poor pitiful me". and that's pretty selfish. but i guess the people who have things to let out, have them because they're not mature enough to fully comprehend that life caters to nobody. to cry is not unmanly, not a sign of weakness, but to rebel is...and i guess the two walk hand-in-hand.

oh, then you have the songwriters who cry when people appreciate their songs...and who go to an adult bookstore to celebrate. but that's neither here nor there.

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