here's a story for ya! one night i went to some rest stop in virginia, i met this 44 year-old there and we went out to dinner. and i told him that i was looking more for friends than for sex partners, which he seemed to accept alright. and he says to me, "nobody but my wife knows how much money i make, but i'll tell you...i make over $100,000 a year!". and he asked if i'd accompany him on his business trips if he'd pay for it, and he was calling me like 3 or 4 times a day for a day or two...until i wrote him this:

and i have to think about meeting on sunday. god doesn't like it much when i use sex for my own instant gratification, when i am ruled by my id. and, though i may like it as i'm doing it, i don't like it much either after all is said and done. i get disgusted with me. and my partner.

so i'm not a sex fiend. at least, i don't ever mean to be. take it or leave it.

so, when he wrote me back that he didn't want to meet because he's been having "second thoughts anyway," i told him i refer to gays as the "jealous equalizers". or crybabies.

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