"come out, come out, you know how old you are?"

don't you find it insulting to your states of being, for you to sue people for discrimination and such? really, "when the going gets tough, the 'tough' run to daddy," is really the impression you're giving. it's all a matter of getting even, why are you so blind that you can't see how childish and immature that is? "he's not being faaaaaaaaaaaair," is a crybaby attribute. and yet, you feel no shame in being that crybaby. i can relate, though.

this nation is a 'minority rule' kind of nation. fags can write and produce plays about a gay jesus and justify their righteousness through works of fiction and be celebrated, while the truly righteous ones can write and produce faggot rebuttal and be banished, scoffed at, and trivialized. when the "not being fair" is of the anti-christ it's sustained by the courts, when the "not being fair" is of conventional wisdom it is overruled.

you're just soooo strong, aren't you? just not strong enough to be weak. or wrong.

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