i just saw something on tv last night. a bunch of angry feminists had some kind of mandatory cirriculum in schools to introduce females to sports at a very young age...you know, another attempt to give encouragement to the rookies of life and to give them an able (dare i say 'masculine') name. the spiteful dykes can't let little girls discover sports on their own with the help of separate boys' and girls' teams in the schools, they have to make a conscious and focused effort to "morph" little girls into what their jealous egos want girls to be. if these measures are in the least bit necessary to give girls an aggressive name, don't ya think the whole idea of 'woman power' is a flat-out lie? another grand facade that so soon will burn?

feminists are into "morphing" reality to suit their overinflated egos, they're into sexual equality when there is no such thing, they're into making our military less apt by instituting lesser requirements for the inclusion of crybaby women, they've been invading the media with images of female forklift operators and when was the last time you saw a commercial or a billboard or some other kind of advertisement without anything female in it? all this encouragement, what happened before mass communication? why did it take something like mass communication to finally bring the women to power if they're so strong? things that make you go "hmmmn".

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