here i am. it's 11:54 pm, i am eating an apple, i'm listening to my mp3s...and i just finished my aerobics excersize. okay, okay, i was rubbing off. but it did give me a workout, as i was breathing heavily after i came.

for the last month or so, i've been going to the adult bookstore now and then. i feel like such a loser everytime i walk through those doors, but moreso when i find myself in the back where the booths and the sexual scavengers/predators are. i don't like finding myself back there, combing the floors, searching for another scavenger to buddy-up with in each of our quests for...hmn, quests for what...what am i searching for when i go there? let me think...

...i guess i am looking for human relations. i get lonely often, especially now that my friend, larry, is now working after a long hiatus due to his back problems.

let's see, what else do i have to tell. oh, i bought michael savage's #1 bestseller, as well as a book by bill o'reilly. i got pretty far in michael savage's book. i excersized a few times, too. i rode the excersize bike mostly, since i want to get a firm behind. i don't know if i ever will get one, i don't have the stick-to-it-ness to really commit to a workout program. but, i guess i can just take things day-by-day.

hey, just for kicks, do what i just did. i opened kazaa and searched for "," to see how many results i got. somebody named 'musicfrk17,' i saw, downloaded a plethora of billy joel songs from me. that's how you can tell if you're downloading mp3 files that were once on my computer, it'll have something about '' in the tags.

i'm trying to think of other stuff to write about, but i can't think of anything. oh yeah, i saw panic room today. it was good, except it was too politically correct for me, having had the two white robbers killed while the black robber survived. and how the black robber showed his true "show-compassion-to-the-victim-because-i-was-once-a-victim" mentality, when he gave the little girl (whose haircut hinted at the liberal-left filmmakers' contempt for gender, i could not tell if 'sarah' was a girl or a boy) the shots she needed to stay alive.

anyway, i put into words, just why i have a problem with grown men who call themselves, 'males,' instead of 'men'. it's like they're holding their gender-identity out there for all the world to see...holding it out in front of themselves with their thumb and it's corroded or otherwise broken.

my cute doggie has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. i stayed in the house all day today, mostly watching tv. i've been watching a lot of tv recently. saw back to the future for the gazillionth time, also. larry downloaded the movie called phone booth, just the other day, so i watched that with him. i remember when i lived in maryland, from 1999 to 2000, i watched little television. but, now that i have all these channels and nothing better to do, i'm watching a lot of tv. oh yeah, vh1 was having an "i love the 80s" special yesterday, with a different year spotlighted every hour. that was cool. yeah, i also saw the silence of the lambs again a few days ago. i can smell your cunt.

guess what song is playing now? "so lonely," by the police! that's me! well, i guess "i am so alone" would be a more...appropriate chorus, than "i feel so lonely," because i am alone...but i don't feel lonely. when i am occupied, as i am now with writing this page, i have something to concentrate on and therefore i do not yearn for purpose or something to do. i guess that's why i've been watching so much tv.

oh, i think i'm soon going to get xm radio, so i won't be stuck with an endless cd of 80's mp3 songs...because i'll have the 80s station. as well as the fox news station. i do want my mp3 car stereo, though, just so the music in my car can be customized to what i like. cuz i don't like a lot of 80's music. like klymaxx, like "we are the world" and the rest of lionel richie's creations, like queen and the masculivoid frontman (thank god for aids), etc. besides, i like some 90s music, as well as newer stuff. and country. and stone temple pilots, as "pretty penny" is playing on my mp3 shuffler now. i like a lot of stp's music.

oh yeah, i also saw evita once again today. seeing that, i decided to devote a page of this website to the evil that she stood for. and i found a page somewhere on the internet, that equated hillary clinton to eva peron. and went over the contempt for capitalism that they both stand for. and the contempt for rich, successful countries like argentina and the usa.

anyway, it's now 1:08 am, and i think i'm gonna post this.

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