aah. here i am. it's 10:46 pm, i just got back from taking a long drive. it was so long because i got lost. but i'm home now, with stuff to say.

xm radio is da bomb. i got it yesterday! i went channel surfing to pick out the best stations to set the six presets to my liking: the first is the 80s station (of course), the second is the 90s station, the third is the "mix" station (a mix of hits, duh), the forth is the "top tracks" station (billboard's greatest hits, one could say), the fifth is the nashville station (country, duh), and, last but not least, is the fox news station. i have to make an evita cd to pop in the cd player, though. and eventually i will plug a portable mp3 cd player into the cassette player...with an adapter, of course.

by the way, i don't think i will be going to the adult bookstore anymore. i have a new lease on life, or, as ralph the dog once said, "a new leash on life". with xm radio and a better means of transportation than the gas-guzzling bronco that i used to drive, driving is once again something that i love to do. and i'll do it when i have nothing better to do, instead of going to the bookstore.

it just occurred to me that i am probably missing the "adult programming" that is on some movie channel most every night. darn...but i want to write an entry. oh, i almost forgot - my dog's farts smell like scrambled eggs again! i think the vet popped his anal glands and gave him an enema. see, he farted tonight in the car, and it smelled like scrambled eggs - i forgot about his scrambled-egg farts, simply because he hadn't laid one of those in a while. but, having dropped him off at the vet's yesterday for a teeth-cleaning and a check-up, his farts once again smell like scrambled eggs! i guess that is a sign that he is healthy. so, i guess that whenever his farts lose their scrambled-egg smell, i'll know to pop his anal glands and give him an enema.

oh, well...i guess i'll go look for "adult programming" on cable. see ya.

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