friday, april 25th, 2003

today i stayed at home. today i went to the bathroom a few times. i usually sit down, like a girl, unless i am in a hurry. i like to sit in my "thinking" pose, even if it's just for 20 seconds while i empty the pee out of my body, but i'm thinking that part of the reason is that the person whose house i was sharing didn't like me to stand up while pissing because he had piano students that used the same bathroom and he didn't want pee splashes to be on the floor.

today i walked my dog out onto the lawn of the apartment complex. and i forgot to grab the pooper-scooper when i was on the porch. and, while my dog was pooping, the landlords drove on the road in front of me and i guess they took notice of how i didn't have my pooper-scooper. i hope i don't get in trouble for that. i think the tall, blond, handsome man was in the golf cart, but i wasn't sure...i know a blond man was in there.

propaganda. i was just watching a snippet of that law show with ice-t and baby houseman's father (jerry orbach), and the script-writers, who were most probably limp-wristed females, tried to label men who rape women as "insecure with their manhood". puh-leese. propaganda runs amuck if you have an eye or, in this case, an ear for it. and i think i do. i'm always noticing stuff like that.

i tried downloading identity today, as it just opened. i had downloaded a number of titles, installed the divx drivers, but did not get the movie. no video, as the screen was all black...and not even any audio, so i didn't think i didn't have the right drivers. oh, well.

i need a haircut pretty badly. i kind of want to get a buzzcut, but that's when i'm not wanting to leave it wavy like a musician. and i want to get on a regular workout program, but without a workout partner i won't stick to it. i want that blond man to work out with. hey, billy joel just started playing on my mp3 shuffler. i don't spend much time on kazaa anymore. actually, trying to download identity today was the first time i downloaded anything in a long time. i'm not even turning it on to let others to upload advertisements for my website anymore. you know, the "billy joel - she's always a woman . mp3" type filenames.

i want a firm behind. i took a video of my dog today, so i could extract pictures from the video. well, i guess i'm running out of things to write, so i'll say goodnight. well, it's 10:41 pm now, but i don't think i'll go to bed for a while.

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