february 21, 2003

it's been a while since i last added a journal to this website. pity. well, i'm feeling fresh and clean after my shower, so i'll start talking. oh, i shaved too! nicked myself up, too. it's good that i shaved, though, because i was starting to look grubby.

what have i been up to? hmn, i guess i'll start with yesterday. yesterday, i - oh, yesterday - yesterday, i realized that i needed to get my car fixed. you see, for the past two or three weeks, i've been ignoring the whirling i heard from the tire whenever i braked. the car got me to where i wanted to go, so who cares about a funny noise the tire makes when i brake. right? well, to get out of the snow-infested driveway, i had to put the car in four-wheel drive, and being the head-injured victim that i am, i forgot to shift it back to two-wheel drive. so, i drove for a good 20 or so minutes, when i started having a hard time turning. it felt like something around the tire was scraping on the ground. my friend, larry, said it was the rotor, that the trouble i had turning was because of the rotor. uh-oh. i feared that i would have to take it in to get repaired before i drove it much further.

hold on, though...i put it back in two-wheel drive, and, lo and behold, i could turn without incident! "yay," i thought, "now i don't have to take it anywhere to get it fixed". well, it was too late, because i had already called larry and told him about it. and larry called his dad who is a car salesman with connections to auto-repair places, and, not thinking it was a good idea to tell him no, i agreed to give him my car keys so he could take my car to get repaired. if i would've shifted to two-wheel drive and learned that i no longer had trouble turning, before i called larry, i would've continued on my merry way, up and down the highways, until something really bad happened. i reckon.

so, here i am, stranded in my room until i get a call saying that the car is finished. maybe that's why i'm writing this journal page for my website, because there is nothing else to do!

oh yeah, my second check came yesterday. see, the first check came a couple of days ago, but since it's dated for the 24th, i fear that if i deposit it into my bank account before the 24th, it'll get sent back or lost in the atmosphere. but, i'm thinking that since today is friday the 21st, and nothing happens on the weekends, maybe i can deposit it today. since the 24th is monday. d'ya think i should chance it? i'll ask the sexy bank teller.

the sexy banker did not deposit my check yesterday, but i have something to tell you! see, his name is scott, and, after seeing a 24-pack of scott brand paper towels, i thought i'd go into the store-proper and pick up a single pack to deliver to him. (the bank is in the front of the store, in case you're wondering where the store came from).

so, i walked to the paper towel aisle and picked up a roll of scott towels. after i paid for it, scott himself came out of the bathroom and headed towards the bank. "curses, foiled again," i thought, because my plan was to give the roll of paper towels to one of the other bankers to give to scott. you know, i didn't want to give it directly to him. so, i headed for the exit and, lo and behold, we ended up walking right beside each other. "hello," i said without hesitation. he replied with a short "hi," and then looked down to his feet. i think he did that because when i deposited my checks last month, i gave my phone number and email address to him, "just in case you wanna talk," i said. he probably thought i was a wacko.

i'm getting hungry now. i have three and a half hours to go, before i'll have my car back. damn.

right now, i am in america online gay chat rooms, with mention of this website on my profile-webpage, trying to get exposure. to my right, there is my dog attached to my hip, and further to the right there is a bunch of documents i need to deliver to my accountant. in front of me, there is my computer, turned on its side and open with cables hanging out. oh, my dvd-ram drive is atop the computer and nonetheless connected. that's just a mental image.

well, i just got done snuggling with my dog for a half-hour. i love to cover us both up with a blanket and just lay there. oh, boy, there's a little under three hours until i get my car back. oh, i was thinking about how this day is like when i stayed home from school all day, back during my childhood. right now, in the 12 o'clock half-hour, i'd be watching leave it to beaver on wphl channel 17. i'm not sure what i watched at 12:30, mchales navy may have been on in that time slot, but i didn't watch it. then, at 1:00, i'd watch hogan's heros, followed (i think it was in this time slot) by bewitched. just a trip down memory lane. wait, i know i watched i dream of jeannie religiously, i don't know if it was on in those afternoon two hours, though.

yeah, being stranded at home until 3 pm, sure reminds me of being home from school. you know, i think i'll turn on the tv set. eureka!

i'm watching unsolved mysteries, i'll be back later!

okay, i'm done with that now. i don't know what else to tell you (or, me, a few years in the future). i guess i'll just post this and be done. toodles.

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