this should be in the aol chat memoirs, but i am just clumping all of today's additions into this one page.

my eye is shot: anyone here for me? i'm 28, 5'11 170 brn/grn, seeking others who think the mexican who was illegally smuggled here to scheme two organ transplants by pirating our medical system, deserves to be dead.

mmmmmmmm so good: if you're so worried about our money being spent unwisely, take your frustrations out on out gov't when billions on unneccessary spending and militry bs! you f'n bigot!

ramirez25: what do u care .....u americans killed her anyway
ramirez25: just cuz she i not white...and had no insurance
ramirez25: so u should be happy about that now...u prick

she's beautiful. even moreso than rose mcgowan!
maybe putting rose's old bright red lipstick on norah would be cool.
yeah, it's almost like incest, i am aware of this...
...but i remember hearing that this kind of resemblance is normal.

missamdan99: actually my eye is right she was an illegal immigrant, howver, she does not deserve to be dead
friendsindt: and what kind of person keeps going into rooms and spouting that hate?
someone who is sick, friends

thecop40: that is so fucking wrong
spfgldowndirty: lol
thecop40: and reported

msgmksb: lighten up pal
nurdreams26: thats one messed up moron
jo bud 4u wlv: absolutely

eminem is sexy. and he's my age, i think, born two years earlier than me. and he did what i have only attempted to do: piss off the derelict gay movement to extremes. i so wish he made music i could listen to. er, i so wish he made music, period. i betcha he has a firm behind.

wntmynut: you are severely disturbed

sshakira boi: my eye ur an idiot

jocstrapandboots: the guy is a racists
jocstrapandboots: his profile reads like this: personal quote:
jocstrapandboots: illegal aliens do not belong in this country, taking life-saving operations away from legitimate aliens like you and me.

gabe n tn423: go to hel*

check out my site, , unless you're there now