hi. it's january 22nd, today. the website has been offline for most of this month, in case you weren't aware. i just was so bored with it, i wasn't adding anything new, so i took it down...blah blah blah, but i know now that i was simply bored with my life and therefore feeling depressed. let me paint a picture of it for you, i shall paint with only words:

as you may have read on this website, in the summer of 2002, i was kicked out of my apartment because my dog pooped all over the carpets. so, naturally, i went to another apartment complex and filled out an application to live there. i thought i had fixed most of my credit report that previous spring, for it was then when i logged onto truecredit.com, obtained a copy of my many delinquent debts, and, in the following weeks, became virtually debt-free. so, i thought i had fixed most of my credit, and i also thought that the apartment complex i applied at in the summer of 2002 would accept me. wrong, they did not let me live there, and i had to live in my best friend's father's house.

that's where i am as i write this page. i've been here for at least the last six months; i've been yearning to be somewhere else for the last six months, but i thought my credit-rating would not allow me to rent any more apartments. additionally, i thought that it was the company that rented me the apartment that my dog pooped all over, i thought they tagged some kind of warning onto my credit report or my social security number - a warning that told of the unsanitary upkeep of apartments i rent.

so, here i am. i went to another apartment complex today, and, lo and behold, i was accepted. i was not expecting to be accepted, not at the first complex i went to, but, alas, i was. and i move in tomorrow. it's not a one-month lease, as i wanted, but it's a four-month lease, so it's good that i won't be tied down to stay there for six months to a year.

anyway, remember the poem i wrote about the banker i think is sexy? well, i saw him again today. it's awesome, because i get my mail at mailboxes, etc, right across the street from the bank, so i get to see him every time my checks come, since i have to deposit them into my bank.

i was feeling so good today, that after i kissed the banker goodbye (haha, i wish), i took myself out to dinner. i only got soup and a salad, but eating light like that, my size 34 pants are falling down all the time...and i think that soon i will go to wal-mart and see if i can fit into a size 32. i only eat one meal a day, that's all i really need to eat since i don't do much of anything active, but maybe that will change in my new apartment. there is a gym there, 24 hours! and there's a college quite nearby, maybe i will take a class. haha, i doubt it. well...i am going to go to wal-mart now, i must see if i can fit into size 32 jeans. i hope i can, for i don't wear underwear, and i don't want to have to put them back on the rack after they've touched my little schlong.

oh, and the man who took my application was ever-so big and strong!

ps...i just got back from wal-mart with three pairs of size 32 jeans! and they fit perfectly!

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