tuesday, march 11, 2003

today, i...i...i went to an adult bookstore and got an idea. it all took effect after this old man was scrutinizing me from just outside my video booth. i was halfheartedly watching porn, while telling him to go away. after my quarter's time ran out and the video stopped, i pushed the old man aside and left the video booth. i really don't know why i went in, but later on i thought of something to do to all the "men" in places like that as they stand outside the booths and wait for someone to "connect" with.

handing them a psychologist's business card, i'll say: "i'll let you blow me after you get yourself some help to get you through your semi-charmed kind of masculine existence. you have a problem, mister, you're a sexual predator...look at you, it's in your eyes, it's in your behavior, 'let me in, let me in, i'm so lonely while at the same time i'm feeling outcasted enough from the masculine gender to feel the need to explore its eccentricities and fill the hole that's in my soul'.

then i left and drove away. as i was driving, i was staring at all the men who caught my eye. "does everyone stare the way i do," i sang to myself. funny, because as i type...guess who's playing on the mp3 shuffler? the police, but not with "does everyone stare," but "so lonely". "i'm so lonely, i'm so lonely".

i downloaded a bunch of norah jones songs. i don't know why she won big at the grammies, the songs were boring. i didn't really listen to the lyrics, but i figure that they must have been what made her win. she should've been a model, instead of a pop icon.

my roller skates should have come in the mail today, but they didn't. i hope they come tomorrow. my sister told me to promise her i'd not skate without a helmet. so, i went and bought a helmet. my balance is not good enough to rollerblade, so i got the old-fashioned roller skates. and, hopefully, i'll be able to handle rollerskating and my balance will improve!

i guess that's all she wrote!

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