march 7, 2003

yesterday or the day before, i was driving on the highway and i saw a bumper-sticker that blew away every last political slogan ever invented.

execute the lawless

from the clintons, to the mexican who was smuggled here to receive a botched transplant operation before legitimate americans. from people who consciously break the speed limit, to people who consciously cheat other people. from people who incessantly download music, movies and software using kazaa, to...

...okay, okay, that may be breaking laws of "intellectual property," but...really. they call themselves "artists," ha! stop releasing your "art" to the masses, don't allow it to be played on radio stations or in movie theaters, don't make us want it if you don't want us to have it. you can't taunt us and expect not to get burned - no longer is "theft" of your works a matter of stealing expensive physical property. stealing media from a storeowner is wrong, because the storeowner pays for media with the expectation of being reimbursed, but kazaa endangers nobody's livelihood. kazaa endangers nothing but the material world of an "artist" whose bank account has gotten as big as it has by taunting the public: "nyah-nyah, my media pervades your world without your initial permission, and it'll grow on you whether you like it or not...but if you want it for yourself then you'll have to pay".

get another job, or, as they say, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen".

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