may 13, 2003

it's 2:33 pm now - i am on a new cgi kick, and i have been installing or trying to install correctly a plethora of different cgi scripts. for the past three days, i've been hunting down cgi scripts and installing them - many did not work, a few weren't what i had expected, but i came away with a few winners! namely, the formmail script and the bulletin board script (my webhost set those up, though i tried to customize them...i failed to), the polling script and an access counter/statistics log for my website. i think the polling script is awesome, it even lets a user enter his own poll. and the stats script is very awesome, i had a hard time finding one i could install that logged ip addresses, but i have it now! it's a complete statistics logger, so much information about the accesses it gives!

i've not been advertising my website in the aol chat rooms or even the chat rooms for the past few days, i was more focused on cgi. i wanted to make my site more interactive, i guess, but i just needed a change. i heard about that idiot in california who wants to make it illegal to sell oreo cookies to kids, is that not insane?! his defense is that the cookies contain trans-fatty acids, and that the kids do not know the dangers of ingesting them. he is a nitwit, because he wants government to have another way of taking the parenting job away from the parents (besides what the public schools do and teach).

come to think of it, i had a stressful day, trying to install all those cgi scripts. but my hard work paid off, i especially like the new counter on my site...and the polls! and the formmail. and the bulletin board. wait, i like all of them!

well, i will go to the mailbox place to get my mail now. i'll take my doggie with me! bye!

well, i am back. it's 9:40 pm now. after i got back from the mailbox place and put my dog in the bathroom so he wouldn't make a mess on the rugs, i got in my car and went to best buy and staples, to look for a program that would make interesting games i could put on my website. see, what prompted this, was that i couldn't download the crossword maker that could export to html. the reason why i couldn't, was that my check card kept getting declined. i forgot that i had money in my savings account, and not in my checking. so, i went to look for similar programs at the stores nearby that sold software. i didn't find any there, so i went back home.

i love driving my new car. i don't really like how small it is, as i am used to a big suv with plenty of headroom, but i absolutely love the gas mileage it gets....being so used to suv gas mileage. also, i have a $30 mp3/cd player that's hooked up to my stereo (which, might i add, sounds excellent and has all these equalizer pre-sets that are tailored to country, rock, etc). anyway, back to my cheap mp3 player. i wrote a whole bunch of albums to the cd, and i ride around while listening to them get shuffled around. yeah, i didn't just download songs i liked, i downloaded the whole album they came from! i don't do much downloading anymore, i have like 1000 songs, so that is enough for me. i have over 150 prince songs!

now, i am on the bed, writing my entry, with my dog literally attached to my hip. oh, i love him so much. even if everybody thinks he's a girl, with the name casey. everybody used to think i was a girl, when i was growing up, because of the way my mother cut my hair. we have more than that in common, he sniffs his pee when he gets done peeing, and, though i don't sniff my pee, i sniff my armpits and feet and stuff. we're a match made in heaven!

when i got home from looking for software, i looked for software on the internet. and i found a bunch of entertaining cgi game-programs, like chess and bingo and hangman, as well as a crossword-puzzle maker. though, i am going to try to buy the one i was telling you about. see, they blocked me from trying to buy it, a fraud-protection i guess (since my card was declined twice), but they said wait 24 hours and try again. so, that is what i will do. "24 hours seems so far away," ha, that was a song that was on the who's that girl soundtrack.

okay, i'm outta here!

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