well, it's monday, may 5th, today. i am writing because i am doing something great for my website's life. see, for the last couple of days, i've been in the gay.com chat rooms with mention of my website in my profile...and i was getting 15-20 hits an hour. then i had an idea to use my friend's computer to get into some more gay chat rooms with mention of my website in my profile. so, as i type, i'm in gay.com chat rooms with mention of my aol homepage in my profile...and i'm in gay.com chat rooms with mention of matthewshepard.info in my profile. and the page they both open to, is a pro-gay page with gay links and text that celebrates matthew shepard (except for a line that says "matthew shepard was killed for being a sexual predator, back when i was 24, and i can't live a day without thinking about him").

read the text for 10 seconds without clicking any of the links, you'll be forwarded to this website! whoo-hoo! sometimes the page stops forwarding (is it because of my host?), and i have to re-upload the index.html file. it sucks that i have to keep checking the matthewshepard.info pointer, to see if it still forwards here, but i guess it could be worse.

i also took my dog for a walk today. well, i took him for a walk down to the mailbox at the entrance to the apartment complex, so i could mail a mother's day card to my mom. aside from that, well, i woke up with only a few hours of sleep when my friend woke me up so i could take him to work. yeah, larry, he finally has a job. yay.

not much happened today. i hung around the house, and went to mail my card to my mom. oh, well, i guess i'll post this and start tending to my chatroom advertising!

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now