friday, april 4, 2003

i hesitate to call this a "banner day," basically because i don't know if i will go and apply for a job after all. but, let me tell you what happened today.

i got up in the early morning and i wasted more time until the afternoon, watching tv or playing on the computer, etc, and by 2:00 or 3:00 i left to get an oil change. so, i went up to wal-mart, where mi amigo, larry, told me to go to get a cheap oil change. well, wal-mart didn't look like they'd change my oil, only because they didn't have a bunch of garage doors in the back, so i went looking for a jiffy lube or a similar place. and my simple oil change turned into a $133 escapade, because of all the additional services they did for me. now, before you get any ideas about my level of competency, forget about it. i'm a little gullible, but they showed me that the one thingy had no fluid in it. besides, i couldn't really understand the guy, so i just agreed to the additional stuff. then, i left.

as i was on the way home, i thought of how larry wouldn't be home when i got home (he finally got a job, yay), so i thought i'd go to the adult bookstore and look for a friend. when i got into the bookstore, there was a lady working there who carded me and who made a pretty big hub-bub about how i didn't look 28 years old. she turned to a sexy red-head and asked him if he thought i looked 28. i am nervous around guys around my age, the red-head seemed around my age, and i looked at him and quickly back to the lady behind the counter. so, i bought my tokens and went back to the video booths.

within the first ten minutes i was in there, i was watching video in a booth and the red-head came along and watched with me. i can't remember the dialog that went on, but i know i only said a few words because of the fear i have of being around guys my own age. i always think i'm going to be rejected, thought of as weird, etc, so i just try not to say anything and let them make the first move. i didn't realize at the time, that he had made the first move by coming up to the booth i was in and speaking a few words to me. well, sooner or later, he left. "damn," i thought, "he was sexy, maybe we could have been friends".

soon, someone with a hairy chest offered to blow me. so, i let him suck for a little while, but my mind was on the red-head. i had to find him again. so, i excused myself and looked around the booths. i couldn't find him, but i stayed a while longer because i was hoping he'd return. i left the booth-area and left the store. i was going to leave the place, but i had more tokens and i soon found myself going back into the store. i started talking to the lady there, asked her about her co-worker (i thought he was a co-worker, i thought he was standing behind the counter when i first walked in and the lady mistook my age), and she didn't know who i meant at first. then she did, i told her he had red hair, and she told me that he was going to school to become a mortition. now, that was a little more than i was wanting to know, but when i asked the lady if he comes in a lot, she probably thought i was a stalker or something, because she told me that i shouldn't loiter around at the store.

so, i left the place. on my way home, larry called, and i told him what i did. he got mad at me and told me to get a job, if i was looking for something to do. he said to apply at the gas station right near our apartment. so, realizing that i really did need something to do with myself, i stopped over and asked for an application. it turned out, that they didn't have any applications, not until next week.

darn. no application, no red-headed relations, today was not a pleasing day.

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