just so i know the date, in case i want to look back sometime in the near future to see the date i started dieting, i'll say that it is:

april 23, 2003

the atkins diet is the miracle diet i've been searching for...ever since that day, 3 or 4 years ago in maryland, when i watched news of that man who was stranded on an island or something for an entire month...and whose belly was flat.

this is a better idea than getting liposuction. no scars, for one thing... and, for another, no price to pay. my friend, larry, told me that all i'd have to do, is to just eat no carbohydrates - mostly not anything but eggs and beef and cheese. huh, i thought cheese was bad...that is why i never ate it, because i thought it'd put weight on me. hmn, so much for being uninformed.

so, i'm on the atkins diet now. i can't weight (ha, ha) until my belly is flat! like it was when i was 25! oh, happy day. (that's what my sister emailed to her email list, when her boyfriend popped the big question. okay, maybe the reason i'm thinking it, is not as joyous as the reasons she was thinking it, but think about it...a flat belly!)

anyway, after seeing news of that flat-bellied man who was stranded for a month, i tried eating as little as possible to lose weight. and sometimes i went a day with eating as little as a simple salad. well, once last century and once just recently, i tried starving myself as much as i could...and i found that the pounds just peeled off. because, having nothing else to feed off of, my body fed off of its supply of stored fat. so, naturally, i thought that if i just quit eating fatty foods, my body would not have any fat to feed off of and therefore would feed off of its stored fat-supply. and, therefore, i'd lose weight. i didn't know that carbohydrates turn into fat, so i ate without regard for carbs.

well, now i know better. according to stuff i've read about the atkins diet, i can eat as much as i want of no-carb food and still lose weight. to tell you the truth, never feeling hungry does not assure me that i'm losing weight...but that's just me.

oh, happy day!

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