some queer emailed me a letter today, saying that nobody on the left knows anything about a "gay agenda," and that the term was fabricated by the right wing. now, i don't know which wing would've coined the term, but the gay agenda is alive and everybody knows it. and if they don't, then they've been living under a rock.

here is but one example of the gay agenda and how it undermines traditional values. i copied this from some website, but i left the title and the author.

mailing counters pro-gay propaganda
by charles r. miville, washington, d.c., correspondent

a psychological group is warning schools about homosexual propaganda.

in 1999, a homosexual advocacy group mailed information to the nation's public schools that, among other things, told them not to let students know that therapy exists for changing homosexual tendencies.

now, the national association for research and therapy of homosexuality (narth), a leading proponent of the idea that homosexuality is changeable, has sent a mailing of its own to more than 15,000 school superintendents around the nation to counter the pro-gay propaganda.

narth president dr. joseph nicolosi said homosexual activists oppose the possibility of change because it undermines the gay agenda. narth is a professional association of counselors who work with homosexuals to help them change their orientation and their behavior.

peter labarbera, of the culture and family institute, welcomed the narth mailing.

"unfortunately, the homosexual and transgender activists always present their side as the only legitimate side," labarbera said. "they frame this in terms of civil rights, whereas a majority of americans see homosexuality in a moral framework."

peter sprigg, of the family research council, said it's not surprising that gay activist groups are targeting the schools.

"they feel if they can indoctrinate children at an early age, those children will never even be open to the message that other groups have been telling the truth about homosexuals which is that people are not born gay and that they can change," sprigg said.

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