the more i see homosexuals taking part in their customs, the more i see drag, the more i see two members of the same sex groping and feeling and trying to get accustomed to each other, the more i am convinced that homosexuality is nothing but a loss of gender-identity. or, a matter of having not acquired it.

oreocookie449: i am glad i am not in the war.
oreocookie449: of course it would be nice to be in a foxhole with 4 men.

up until the age of 16, i had not one hair under my armpits. and, even now, the hair under my armpits is not bushy as in the picture above. i've been gawking at mens' armpits since i don't know what age, dare i be so simplistic as to call it a case of jealousy. maybe saying that it was a case of jealousy is too simple for you folks who like to justify sexuality with a bunch of mathematical equations and scientific mumbo-jumbo, but it is a feeling of being left out and a longing to be included, that i was suffering from. because i didn't internalize masculinity, i was on the outside looking in, and that is what i mean when i say that gayness is a matter of gender-identity. that is what i mean when i say that lust, in general, is a matter of gender-identity and not having acquired it.

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