this is just an email to let you know about a new way to further the gay agenda
in your city and/or across the nation. please do not let poor matthew shepard have died in vain,
honor his memory and his parents' crusades by visiting look around the
new gay rights metropolis, stay for a cup of java and some education, or even make a donation to your
favorite gay charity.
judy shepard thanks you for taking part in her son's memory, and so do i.
that was an email i sent to some gay group in 2002. i retrieved it and then thought to myself, "why not put it on your website for others to see, maybe they will sign-up with a free email service, like yahoo, and right-click to copy all the text above, to send to all the gays they know or know of. maybe they will do random internet searches, find some gays' email addresses, and send the above italicized text to hundreds of gays at a time. maybe, just maybe..."
but then i thought that i will probably give up the pointer, sooner or later.
and then i thought, "hurry up, do some advertising for me while you can!"

check out my site, , unless you're there now