jesica santillan

turns out that she is, er, "was," a mexican whose parents illegally smuggled her into the usa so she could have a better chance to get some kind of transplant so she'd have a better life. or something.

i'm glad she's dead. an illegal alien comes to america to steal life from a legitimate american. i'm glad she's dead. praise the doctors who fucked up the transplant operation.

wait, she had two transplant operations, which means that she stole life from two legitimate americans.

here's the chat i now post in gay chat rooms:

anyone here for me? i'm 28, 5'11 170 brn/grn and happy that the illegal alien who came here to take a transplant operation from a legitimate american is dead...she got what she deserved.

here is a letter i found posted on the internet:

it is reported that jesica [the transplant patient] is an illegal alien brought here by her mother in an effort to intentionally game our medical system into free treatment of her condition. do you have any idea just how much three years of treatment, two transplant surgeries, a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs, and medical follow-ups will cost? the costs for previous treatment and the two transplant surgeries have certainly already reached one to two million dollars.

organs suitable for transplantation are rare and very hard to come by. people routinely wait years for a transplant if they are lucky enough to live that long.

the two sets of hearts and lungs jesica received could have saved the lives of up to six americans. instead those people will wait, wondering, hoping, and praying that their call comes before it is too late.

jesica received a second set of organs within days of the first due to an unfortunate error involving the reporting of the blood type of the original set of transplanted organs. it is now reported that her family is investigating the possibility of legal action against those responsible for the error.

jesica went to the head of the line...while americans wait and sometimes die and that is outrageous. i'm a transplant patient myself and i've seen similar situations myself...i was once in line myself...behind an alien who received two kidneys and a heart before it was my turn. this kind of scenario is played out regularly in the u.s. but is only reported when something goes obviously wrong as it did in this case.

well it is time to get ready for work now. there are taxes to pay and there are aliens at the head of the line, in our hospitals ready and willing to accept what is ours.

transplant patient

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