tonyatbadabings: -18/f/cali! see my cam
dare2begin000: here here
speedoson: this is a gay chat room fish
speedoson: if it smells like trout throw it out

this was in a gay chat room one night. "fish," for those who don't know, is gays' word for women...taken from the old "smells like fish, tastes like chicken". so, in effect, speedoson was telling tonya, the 18 year-old female from the left coast, to take a hike.

why is it that the same pro-gay nitwits who tell me to free my anti-gay mind and to accept "something different," can't see their own hypocrisy? "if it smells like trout, throw it out," ie, "give me the same sex or no sex at all".

"man 4 man," does not a free mind make!

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