well, it's april 10th today, and my aol account was cancelled yet again. this time, i venture to guess it was because of an email i sent last night.

see, this gay guy emails me in reaction to my profile - he said something like "i am a dj, so i am interested in the song parodies". and, actually thinking that my account may be cancelled because of what i was going to say in response to the email, i proceeded to give him a few examples of the songs i parodied.

i told him that i parodied "u oughta know" with "u oughta grow," spelling out for him the immaturity found in the gay population.

i told him that i parodied "like a prayer" with "dykes are males," spelling out for him the non-internalization of gender-identity that gays suffer from.

i told him that i parodied "another one bites the dust" with "another one dies from lust," spelling out for him (one of) the errors of homosexuality.

i tried to make the email as non-invasive as possible, to fend off the aol morons who'd like to terminate my account, but i guess i did not do a good job.

so, i made another account and proceeded to invade the m4m rooms. i now know, however, that i can't even think of offending gays' ever-so "stable" sense of pride. ha!

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