beautifldsastr83: but wait.. nothing wrong with being a bottom
beautifldsastr83: i'm one
beautifldsastr83: but i'm 100% gay
ratchet213: that makes sense
beautifldsastr83: yeah
anti bush m4m: i'm 100% lacking masculine gender-identity. but then i guess we all are.
beautifldsastr83: i'm not
beautifldsastr83: i'm not femme but then again i'm not butch either

i wish somebody would just explain to these types, that gender-identity is more than one's way of "acting naturally," that gender-identity is gender-internalization. "real men" are men who've internalized masculinity and who therefore don't see anything excitably taboo in other men, "real men" are men who don't regard gender as "only skin-deep," "real men" are heterosexual for a reason.

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