onlinehost: *** you are in "town square - military m4m". ***
ital1ital: hot bottom boy 22 home alone lookin to ttalk
wufwuf1: horned in my jock

my eye is shot: anyone here for me? i'm 28, 5'11 170 brn/grn and happy that the illegal alien who came here to take a transplant operation from a legitimate american is dead...she got what she deserved.

jockstrapper51: tentin in my jock pouch
mathieuautexas: omg!! real american of you!
paramuscl: such a big heart
devildog80: my eye is shot, you are fucked up!
wufwuf1: my comments
justwannabhelld: and that makes you about as ignorant as her doctors
mathieuautexas: exactly
my eye is shot: why the hell am i ignorant?
wufwuf1: cause you are
justwannabhelld: your narrow minded

narrow-minded because i don't think illegal aliens should take advantage of the country they're in illegally?

paramuscl: ditto
jockstrapper51: boned in my bike
gynurse: no one should have to die if its not their fault

no one should die if it's not their fault? you're saying that death should come onto one only as a choice?

justwannabhelld: what does it matter what country someone comes from
justwannabhelld: they are the same as you are
justwannabhelld: deserve the same medical attention
my eye is shot: get it in her own country

exactly! i surprise myself sometimes. get it legally, and don't take it from legitimate americans.

ital1ital: bottom boy hung lookin to talk
justwannabhelld: i do think her family is wrong for not donating her organs
justwannabhelld: ok im not wasting my time on this douche ba
justwannabhelld: bag
funmannyc350: hey guys
justwannabhelld: i came here to find a cool guy to chat with
funmannyc350: nyc here
my eye is shot: you're not much of a patriot, in a military room nonetheless

exactly! i surprise myself sometimes. surely not a patriot if he's defending illegal aliens.

wufwuf1: many come to the usa for medical attention including the former king of jordan
my eye is shot: legally
justwannabhelld: oh shut up

that's what al gore said to the electorial college, when he saw that his cause was lost.

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