anti bush m4m: please, does anyone know any jokes regarding the mexican who was illegally smuggled into the usa, who got the transplant screwed up and died? i'm having a hard time finding any on the internet.
tinoiangels: i wouldnt think of that as a joke
anti bush m4m: to each his own
tinoiangels: maybe i an misunderstanding what ur saying
sknavyboi: get a life, you have been asking that since yesterday
anti bush m4m: have not!
sknavyboi: no you got it right tinoi
tinoiangels: thanks sk
anti bush m4m: get a life, haha, funny when it's coming from someone who's shopping for a sexual encounter online.
sknavyboi: he lacks coothe and edicut, he is a homophobe who likes to start stuff
tinoiangels: o ok
anti bush m4m: you lack spelling skills, dummy
sknavyboi: no actually i am just looking for friends...not that i truely care what you think

learn to spell...while you're at it, you should learn to lie...or at least know when lies won't work. after all, you drink tea, you like to talk for hours over that cup of tea, you have nipple-rings, you like musicals, you like to dance, you have a quote from rent in your profile ---- you're just a faggot, your kind is a dime-a-dozen. you're not looking for friends in a m4m room, you're looking for friends to lust over. we all are.

sknavyboi: you lack manners.
anti bush m4m: suuure
tinoiangels: he lacks most of everything
anti bush m4m: don't judge me, you don't even know me! insensitivity!!!!!!
sknavyboi: problem the block user box
tinoiangels: probaby has problems with his sexual identity
anti bush m4m: haha look who's talking about gender-identity,
tinoiangels: im not

haha, he doesn't even know what he's talking about. sex is gender. gender is sex. sexual identity is a matter of...what? gender-identity.

anti bush m4m: you probably have female role models
tinoiangels: u r the one that has the problem
anti bush m4m: check my website and you'll see all the problems that you have.
sknavyboi: what tinoi?
tinoiangels: r u lacking in the size dept, anti
tinoiangels: i was talking to anti, sk

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