*** you are in "town square - rhode island m4m2". ***
my eye is shot: {s im} anyone here for me? i'm 28, 5'11 170 brn/grn and happy that the illegal alien who came here to take a transplant operation from a legitimate american is dead...she got what illegal aliens deserve.
mickey2085: are you for real?
rlaboss1790: thats nice
jocstrapandboots: hi guys
mickey2085: that's a pretty stupid bigoted thing to say
pawtucketrick: hes obviously a big loser guys
my eye is shot: oh this is classic victim mentality, mickey, the bigots are those who don't have tolerance for illegal aliens
olives1976: 27m from prov
db33db33: 27 n attleboro top here any bttms?
mickey2085: no bigots are those who judge others and think they are better than every one else
manplaytoy4you: bottom from bellingham here
my eye is shot: you're a classic victim
jocstrapandboots: i just reported his comments to tos
mickey2085: how the hell would you know
mickey2085: thanks jocstrap
my eye is shot: your mentality tells all
jocstrapandboots: his profile says all you have to know
rlaboss1790: ohh dont give him the time
jocstrapandboots: he has been reported
mickey2085: as well as your comments my eye
jocstrapandboots: his comments have been sent to tos
pawtucketrick: guys dont feed this bs this exactly what he wants
useeme: and since when are any of us here ... anything more then immigrants?????
mickey2085: so, is anyone interested in this guy...
my eye is shot: i'm legal, however
rlaboss1790: ohh yea lets clone him
mickey2085: legally certifiable
jocstrapandboots: soon he will be notified by aol saying ... " my eye is shot .. say goodbye, you are the weakest link :-)
pawtucketrick: your trash is what you are
my eye is shot: all your chat has been copied and pasted and posted on my website to show the world how gays really think

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