whatever you think you're doing by re-directing browsers from the matthew shepard .info site, you're only showing you cannot handle the truth so you want to deprive others of it.

what i think i'm doing by redirecting browsers from the matthewshepard.info site to this site, is apparently succeeding at getting limp-wristed numbsculls like yourself into a grand ol' tissy. and what "truth" are you saying i'm depriving people of, just by having this website and the matthewshepard.info pointer?

i didn't bother to read past the first page of your shitty website since you make an idiotic remark right there -- tell all the heterosexual strangers who have sex they deserve to be killed, asswipe.

i don't believe i said that homosexual strangers who have sex, deserve to be killed. i just said that matthew shepard is the number one reason not to proposition strangers, period. and why do you use "straights do it," as a defense-mechanism?

what's the matter? can't deal with your own natural feelings so you hate people you are afraid of, trying unsuccessfully to prove you're a "man," excusing brutal murder (regardless of whether matthew shepard solicited or expected sex with his killers, he did not deserve to be murdered).

what natural feelings? my lack of masculine gender-identity, i assume you are speaking of...and this is the classic gay trademark: labeling those who oppose homosexuality as "afraid of" it, or "phobic". tell me i'm wrong.

if every person who solicits sex from a stranger was murdered a hell of a lot more heterosexuals would be dead, self-righteous moron.

that's probably because there are a lot more heterosexuals, ie, people whose concept of gender-identity is crystal-clear, in existence.

if you have personal/religious/whatever beliefs feel free to post all your crap on a web site, but don't force people who don't give a fuck about another psychotic asshole's bullshit to visit your site.

i'm not forcing anyone to visit my site, you're just assuming that matthewshepard.info is not one of my childish pranks.

you won't win converts if you don't allow them to read the other side's version, mr./ms. stalin (don't you just hate my pc his/her stuff? good!!).

i'm not looking to win converts, egghead, i'm out to offend...and, by your outrage, i know i've succeeded. what "other side," hmn, do you mean the propaganda otherwise known as the "gay agenda" that permeates the media? people have had their fill of that, i'd assume, my side of the story is the only one not commonly heard or read.

try getting a real life. have a nice day!

you're telling me to get a real life? have you been talking to my mother? my sister? i tell you, i'm not especially ecstatic about the hole in my life, but it's just so easy to do nothing about it.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now