i was talking to some masculivoid halfway across the country today, he asked me if i wanted to show him some wrestling moves. er, he asked the picture of the mantasy i said was me, if he wanted to show him some wrestling moves. i said, "sure, are you busy tomorrow," and he said, "yeah, i'm going to pride tomorrow".

ugh. pride. i told him to get some pride and not go, and he implied that with my logic he could not be a proud american and wave a flag. now, isn't that special? equating the societal importance of one's libido to that of one's nationality. i can hear his defense: "they're both deep parts of me that matter a lot to me," the limp-wristed girlyman will say. who cares? the fact that your libido matters so much to you, well, that's a problem. sex addict. why can't you just accept it and go on with your life...why do you have to celebrate it ? is your mind so one-track, that you can't be anything without being gay first? is your mind so one-track, that you think a gay-basher like me can't be gay without feeling some kind of self-hatred?

i shouldn't be ragging on him, because it's society that got him thinking this way. public schools, universities, media, touchy-feely liberals...yeah, i feel his pain. i shouldn't be ragging on him. so i won't give you his screenname. but about sex addicts, gays on a whole don't see anything wrong with being as addicted to sex as they are. gosh, you should have seen what i saw today in the chatroom, but if you can imagine 50-some blanche devereaux's just typing away at the keyboard...you can imagine what i saw.

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