well, it's official. remember how i said i've been trying to get a partition-restorer? yeah, i downloaded partition magic over a year ago, but i've stopped using it a long time ago, because it never succeeded in restoring the partition with the os on it. and this past month i've been trying to find another one that would do what i wanted. as i've said, i downloaded a program from paragon software which worked excellent...but the iso it came with didn't make a boot cd that gave me the option of an easy restore from a file to a disk drive. remember how i said that it worked great in windows, restoring the operating system's partition from an image file, and how i knew i wouldn't be able to restore the os if i ever were to fuck up the system?

i knew what i needed for some time. i knew i needed a windows 98 boot disk - that way i could access the files on my computer in dos-mode. i've been searching for an iso of the boot disk to download, for the longest time, but i never could find one. and i was looking for a program that would take an image of the boot disk (which i've had for years), and make a bootable cd out of it. just yesterday, i again was surfing to get some mention of a program that did this, and, lo and behold, i found that i already had it. it's called magiciso.

yeah, i now have the thing i've been yearning for - a boot cd. "why," you may ask, "couldn't you just have made a floppy from the floppy-image? well, do you remember how i told you that i bought a 61" high-definition tv set so i'd be able to lay on my bed ten feet in front of the tv and type on my computer? see, the tv just fits in front of a dormer's window, and the stand also just fits. and i needed a computer that would also fit. so, i went on line and found a case from a company called casedge, which would fit. so, i ordered it, my friend larry put it together when it came, and the floppy drive either stopped working along the way...or it never worked. that's why i needed a boot cd, because i couldn't use a boot floppy.

anyway, i am complete, now that i have the 98 boot cd. i can use dos again, i even installed my copy (and i stress "copy") of windows 98. and made an image of it...just so i could have it. i want to find a way to get windows 95 and windows 3.1 again...i'll make images of their installations, too, just to entertain my "retro" state of mind.

seriously, the 98 boot cd is an answer to my prayers. well, not really...i don't pray to god so he might give me things. come to think of it, i don't think you'd say i pray to god at all. you see, i treat god like a buddy, like a big brother who watches over me...i talk to him. i don't say the "our father" much, nor the "hail, mary"...i just talk to him. in my mind, of course, but sometimes i speak out loud. i give him thanks when things go my way. i ask him to help larry turn to him and help make him into a believer. i just ask him to help grant things that are important to me. and if i do ask him for things, like the 98 boot floppy (which i don't think i did), i just mention it in passing.

back to the boot cd. yeah, it's 98 and i am using xp, but xp only lets you use the command.com file while you're in windows. and what if you can't be in windows to do things you need to di, like converting ntfs to fat32 (which i did from the dos prompt early this morning. and what if you seriously fuck up the system, what if you can't get into windows - what if in your "tinkering" you erased windows completely? without a boot disk to start-up the partition-restoring program you have, you'd have to go and reinstall windows! that takes at least a half-hour, not to mention the time it'd take you to install all your favorite software. see, if you have a drive-image saved on your hard-disk or on a dvd, all you have to do is restore it...which takes me about 10 minutes. 10 minutes, from concept to completion.

when i set up and was using 98 yesterday, i was astonished at the speed in which it shut down. i was amazed at the speed it restarted into dos mode. i even thought about making 98 my primary operating system. i like windows running over dos - you can't do some stuff if dos runs over windows. well, i am going to search for free copies of windows 95 and 3.1 now, so i'll post this and be done. bye.

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