hello. it's june 5th today. i'm writing because i've got nothing better to do. it's sunday, the day of rest - "rest from what, he doesn't work," i hear you quipping. well, my puppies are coming in from out on the deck, and they just climbed up on my bed. i had to put a foot locker at the end of the bed so they could climb up.

i am happy now that i got a disk-image program that actually works, as opposed to driveimage (which didn't work). it's called - wait, maybe i shouldn't tell you. i am using a serial number i got from the internet. then again, i am actually on the verge of registering the program, since it works so well. i've restored my drive around 3 times with this program, and, unlike driveimage, it creates images of the drive i'm currently using...as i'm using it! driveimage didn't do that. that's what i like about downloading programs off the internet, it's a "try before you buy" situation.

i did a search for "what if the usa was socialist," but i couldn't find what i was looking for. however, as i was searching through one website, i saw a link to an "email me if you want to write for us" page. so, i emailed. it's a conservative website, bush-backing, etc, and i am happy. i am going to tell my mom (who's been aching for me to get a job) about the news.

my mp3gain program just beeped. i am finished normalizing all the volumes on my mp3 collection. yay.

oops, after i emailed my family about my applying for a "job," i played an mp3 to see if it was normalized, but then the mp3gain program disappeared. i hope i didn't fuck it up. oh, well, and so it goes.

anyway, let's get back to my life. i am so happy i finally applied for a job. okay, it's not a real job, but at least my mom can't try to pressure me into getting a job by trying to make me feel useless without one anymore. i sent the place a long email, with a link to this site as a "resume".

my life is complete. i saw prince a little while ago, my computer is all set up to restore my current windows configuration, i have three puppies (alvin, simon and theodore, all brothers), and i may get a job! isn't that special? now, all i need is a boyfriend. not! i don't have sex, i don't even masturbate. i said that in a "sex addicts" group i went to as a way to meet people (i thought it was a group for ex-gays, since i got referred there by exodus ministries), and the 16 year-old there said something like "don't give me that," and i wasn't there to argue, so i said, "well, in the morning". but, no, i don't "get the urge" to shoot my load. i am loving to my puppies, i kiss and snuggle with them. but that's it.

i should post a page that has a directory of my mp3 files. i have them written to dvd-r. i think i posted this before, but i have them organized by the artist, then the cd that the mp3 came from. i'm listening to one of michael w. smith's songs now, "kentucy rose". that's a pretty song.

oh, aside from the job i applied for, i got some information for a "web development" certificate. yeah, it's also an internet-thing, but it's something. looks like if i get the e-job and the e-class, i'll never be away from the computer. like that's anything new. but, if i get that certificate, i'll make this website more fun and interesting.

i think i'll post this now.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now