i'm not sure what i did this morning, but i spent hours upon hours until midnight on the computer and trying to add a way to make this website work with 800x600 resolution. it's been only accessible with 1024x768 and higher resolutions, for about a year! i must've missed out on soooo many hits, simply because i thought the 1024x768 frameset was cool enough to deny people who didn't have it. i thought it was "too legit," as hammer says, a "members only" type of thing.

well, i'm sure glad my website is accessible for people with 800x600 resolutions. actually, the real reason i did it is because of my tv. see, i am using my tv as a monitor, but it can't get to 800x600...just 720x480. and i didn't see how it would be possible to keep adding to my website, if i couldn't even access it. i hope to get a device that takes the vga plug and converts it into a composite signal, while supporting up to 1600x1200. they make 'em.

now i am hungry. yeah, i think i'm going to give up on kazaa. nobody's offering many songs for me to download, everybody's scared of being sued by the record companies, and i got all the software i'll ever need from kazaa back in 2001-2003. except i did have a look at napster, and i was blown away! see, i store all my mp3 songs by the album. for instance, i have a prince folder in my mp3s folder, and inside the folder are many folders named after his cds...and the songs inside those folders are the songs on those cds. it's quite excellent. anyway, napster organizes their music in the same way, i found out while i was running the program. that is the most ut, because i will no longer have to get a track list of a cd from amazon.com and then find and download each song from that list...i'll have all the songs of an album, all in one place in front of me! yay!

casey died in october of 2003. i was sad. i got three 6 and 1/2 week old puppies soon after casey's death, though, my friend larry didn't want me to be sad. i named the puppies, they're all brothers who look the same, alvin, simon and theodore. just like the chipmunks! they're on my bed with me now. yeah, i use the computer on my bed. the tv i told you i use for my monitor, i can easily see from almost ten feet in front of it because it's 61 inches! isn't that awesome?

i saw prince a little while ago. finally, i have wanted to see him live for so long, but he didn't tour much when i was growing up. now that he's a jehovah's witness, he doesn't do his "dirty" songs. damn, because that was his whole appeal. "erotic city" and "feel u up" and "pussy control" and "darlin nikki" and "horny toad" and "let's pretend we're married," even "get offf" and "sexy mf". he'd have none of it. damn born-agains. wait, i'm one.

i still don't have a firm behind or a flat stomach. but i've got a treadmill and a weider home gym and even a "body by jake" ab thingy. i do them, but only now and then. oh, well. i think i'm going to focus on advertising on aol. bye.

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