today was quite unproductive. i mean, most every day of my life is unproductive, but this day was more unproductive than usual.

right now, i am relaxing, listening to one of the 80s/90s stations at yeah, i joined up with them yesterday - they are not expensive, like $5 a month or something. but i've been looking high and low (and for most of the day), for a program i could download that would make a backup copy of my c: drive. i had downloaded a program called driveimage from kazaa in 2003, and i tried using that yesterday, but it said my hard drive was not compatible with the program. i didn't doubt that, because i have a weird computer with weird parts. see, my tv stand that my big screen, 61 inch computer monitor/tv sits on, has about 4 shelves on it to hold vcrs and cable boxes and stuff. well, i had my friend larry build me a computer that would fit into one of those shelves. so my computer is about the size of a vcr.

anyway, back to the story...i didn't doubt that the hard drive was incompatible with the driveimage program i used last year, because a lot of the insides of the computer aren't like the insides of normal computers...though i didn't think about having seen the hard drive before it was put into my computer, i didn't think about how it was a normal hard drive and stuff. so, i just accepted that i couldn't use driveimage with my hard drive.

i downloaded many, many system/disk partition programs from, i even tried downloading norton's ghost from kazaa, but nothing worked. and, out of desperation and lack of anything else to do, i ran driveimage again today...and, lo and behold, it worked. so i made an image of my partition, stored as a file on my d: hard drive.

i can't believe it - it is 5:08 pm now, i spent the entire day trying to get a data recovery software program that didn't need windows to run it. see, i am always trying out new programs that have more to do with system operation than they do with anything else, so i'm known to make inoperable any operating system i might have at any given time. turns out that i already had the program i'd been wanting. that one damn "incompatible" error threw everything off.

i am thinking that i should start writing the screenplay i've spent the last nine months writing the outline to. hmn. i keep putting it off. i don't do much during the day but advertise my website using the aol gay chats rooms and the chat rooms. i get a number of visits, but not as many revisits.

haha, the song, "take my breath away," is on now. that reminds me of part of the trip to toledo i took, that i posted on this website. i was singing in my highest falsetto, "take my breath aaaaa-waaaaaaaaaaaaaay". and, later on, i was talking to this guy (dare i say, "man") online who lived in madison, wisconsin, he got a kick out of it too. i had been recording with my videocamera, that part of the trip, and i had it posted on the site...until i got paranoid about copyright infringement. then i took it down.

oh, how can i forget this...when i was advertising in the aol gay chats last night, i had it running minimized while i was doing other work, and i went to change rooms so people from another town could get a look at my profile and my website. well, i found me another room and i entered it, and the chat from the previous room was still on the chat screen. and it said something like, "all bill clinton lied about was a blowjob, bush lied and led us into war". so, feeling the need to slap him in the face, i did a google search for "bill clinton's lies," hoping i'd get a complete list of them. sure enough, the first result i got was this!

anyway, i'm online right now with mention of my website in my profile...and written in big letters, on a fake self-pic i have. see, i had that pic since i started this website - it used to be on the website - and the man in the pic has his shirt off and a usmc cap on, flexing his gigantic biceps and showing off a set of sexy armpits and a pair of bushy bushy armpits. it's so sexy. everyone else thinks so, too, i'm getting so many hits!

here's some chat that just happened:

i got 3 puppies: anybody hear any good matt shepard jokes lately?
suker4blk69: whats up with your profile? it borders on ridiculous
i got 3 puppies: so do i
suker4blk69: i believe it

i don't think he sees anything ridiculous about cruising for sex. online, no less.

okay, i guess it is time to post this now. bye.

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