saturday, may 29th (actually it's 3:49 am, so it's still the 28th)

matt w shepard: please give to the matthew shepard memorial fund, at
howdytexas25: howdy
hot8boy: hey
howdytexas25: what's up
howdytexas25: i am completley disgusted
howdytexas25: i am writing a letter to aol time warner use matthew shepard's name like that is absolutely wrong and you should be ashamed

isn't that special? i laugh, but i don't know if he was offended at my aol screen-name, my aol profile (which follows), or the mention of an anti-gay web address. or even at the joke i enter each chat room with. * what were matt shepard's last words? "so much for cruising straight bars" *

my profile for matt w

name: matthew wayne shepard (1976-1998)
location: wyoming & at is my homo-page
marital status: deceased
hobbies & interests: anything having to do with fence posts
favorite gadgets: take the gadget i was killed with and use it on my killers.
occupation: oaf.
personal quote: if i'm in a m4m chat room, i'm not using matthew shepard's good name in a last-ditch attempt to get laid. but if you're asking, i am 29, 5'11, 175, brn/grn, smooth like matthew was.

yeah, i used as a pointer in late 2002 or early 2003, and it eventually was dropped by the host who hosted the pointer. so, i made another page., one less-offensive. but it does have a link to this site on it, so it's okay.

anyway, i just tried to copy my mp3 cd to hard disk, but i found that it has been ruined. it probably was because it's been on the floor for the past few days and stuff. at least i have mostly all of my prince mp3 songs in my car on another mp3 cd. i'll get that disc and copy it to my hard drive soon. as for other 80s and 90s music, well, i joined up an internet radio station, , a couple of days ago.

hey, i got a gyration wireless keyboard/mouse today. hey, "material girl" is on the radio now. anyway, i'm using my wireless keyboard and it is sooo nice. not like the $30 wireless keyboard/mouse i got at wal-mart. i spent maybe 15 minutes a day, getting that thing to work. what a nightmare.

hey, you know the line, "boys may come and boys may go, and that's alright with me," in material girl? i've had this line i've sung in my head for sooooo many years, maybe since my school days. i sung the words, "boys may come and boys may go, and most come into me<" not meaning me, but me as madonna, since she is a slut.

hey, know what's cool about the gyration mouse that is still being charged? you don't need a mouse-pad, you can even move the pointer by moving the mouse through the air! yay! i can't wait to use it.

what else did i do today? oh, i saw the day after tomorrow and mean girls at the drive-in. two movies for $5.50. not bad, eh? my friend, larry, made sandwich-wraps for us to eat during the show, and we got popcorn during the bathroom-break. and we brought soda and other drinks.

my eyesight is getting bad. i'm lying on my bed, using my computer and reading the output on my 61" tv...about 10 feet in front of me. i have to clean up my room. hey, toni basil's "micky" is on the radio now. when i was in high school, i was friends wih this girl named mickey, and a year or so after my head-injury, i made a tape of the song "micky" and nothing but that song. repeated over and over again.

my puppies, alvin, simon and theodore, are all lying on the bed. they're sleeping. i am having a good time typing on my new keyboard and advertising on aol and on i'll post pictures of my room once i get it cleaned up and get a better camera. my computer system is awesome. there's the 61" inch tv on a cabinet which holds my cable box, my vcr, my vcr-sized computer, my stereo and storage space behind two doors. i'll take a picture of it. my room is exciting.

well, i'm gonna go get my mouse now. goodnight.

check out my site, , unless you're there now