(yes, wendy is a black lady...we don't talk about politics)

eye knew a girl named wendy, eye guess u could say she was a sex-queen
eye met her cuz my kinda naughty life is paying, and she oversees
she said, "how'dya like your taste of crime,"
but crime is not unfit if the law gives u wendy's time

eye took her 2 my castle and eye just couldn't be more than shy
she had so many enticements, but my thing just wanted 2 hide
she said, "sign your name on the dotted line,"
no business now, wendy, let's cross the line!

my castle started spinning, or maybe it was my brain -
eye can't tell her how confused eye seemed, but my roddy did - wendy screamed, "you're gay!"
no, your loving just kicks in the groin, oh so show me some mercy!
but she shouts up, "sure 'nuff, no, you're not my kind"
come back wendy!

"don't touch the sex-goddess," wendy smiled , stared
eye shook all over, all went down like when flo offered me her pair
she said, "thank u for a waste of time"
"call me up if ever u are not shy"

aaaaaaaooooohhhhhhhh, wendy!
come back, wendy, come back!!!!!!!!!
your darlin little dyl wanna grind, grind, grind, grind grind!

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